Our Services

Evton Capital Partners is a real estate investment and property management firm based in Toronto. Evton specializes in commercial real estate, focusing on mid-size properties valued between $10 million and $25 million, located in Toronto and southern Ontario.

Evton focuses on acquiring private Canadian real estate investment opportunities for institutional and high-net-worth investors that add value today while growing wealth for the future.

Evton’s experience includes all aspects of the real estate business, with highly developed skills in asset management, value enhancement, and property management.

We provide two core offerings:

Asset Management

We provide the full range of asset management services.

Property Management

We provide a full range of third party property management services, with the focus on mid-size office, industrial and retail assets.

Asset Management

Evton’s asset management service offers direct access to commercial real estate for institutional and high-net-worth investors.

Investors benefit from Evton’s deep experience in real estate investing, and today Evton is responsible for all aspects of each investment undertaken.

These services include:

Sourcing and acquisitions. We ensure that a property will enhance a client’s portfolio.

Research and analysis. We closely monitor prevailing market conditions and economic trends.

Asset management. We determine what will create the strongest revenue opportunities – and then put those factors in place.

Financing. We employ both interim and long-term debt financing to provide optimal leveraged returns.

Disposition. We market properties effectively, and can then reinvest or distribute proceeds to investors.

Communication and reporting. Our clients deal directly with Evton’s partners. Reports and financials are always clear and timely. 

Our Guiding Principles

Conservative pricing. We never pay more than an asset’s intrinsic value in a specific market, buying below market-replacement cost.

Added value – opportunities where we can add value through intensive asset management.

Strong Cash Flow – assets that produce strong and consistent cash flow.

Prudent financing – a conservative amount of debt leverage on a non-recourse basis.

Responsive decision-making – on specific opportunities – not merely market trends.

Defined exit strategy and options – strategies for profitable development or divestment.

Property Management

Evton provides property management services to a wide range of clients. They include commercial condominium corporations, high-net-worth investors and their families, holding companies, institutions, and investment firms, who are seeking cost-effective, personalized service.

Excellent property management, in our view, demands a personal touch. In fact, the close involvement of Evton’s experienced team ensures that our clients receive personal attention, and the most appropriate level of cost-effective services.

Through the life of a contract, each client will deal directly with Evton’s Management Team, as well as the manager of their own property. We are proactive in our approach, and thus we practice preventative maintenance and try to anticipate potential difficulties. We keep the needs of tenants foremost in our mind, and we believe in a personal approach to respond directly to those needs.

Given the depth of our managerial experience, we are able to determine a property’s strongest revenue opportunities, and then can work with the owners to ensure that those factors are in place to increase cash flow and asset value.

Evton and one of the co-owners are members in good standing with CMRAO and ACMO.

Full range of services

  • Repositioning the real estate assets to increase their value, and increasing rental income to optimal levels;
  • Maintaining a close control of operating costs;
  • Effectively leasing space in order to raise occupancy rates and therefore increase cash flow;
  • Responding quickly to tenants, as well as to opportunities; and
  • Providing exceptional financial reporting.